At IXCHEL Spa you can enjoy a unique wellness stay. The perfect recipe to regain body-mind balance, break routine, stress and fatigue during the holidays while enjoying massages and body treatments designed and integrated in complete harmony with the Riviera Maya to achieve a relaxation of mind and body. total.

Deep tissue

You can achieve pain relief, better posture, increased flexibility and fluidity of movement.

Relaxing massage

Reduces or eliminates muscle tension, improves blood and lymphatic circulation, achieves relief from stress, anxiety.

Holistic massage

Combine traditional massage with different mental relaxation practices in order to obtain total relief from tension and stress in both the body and the mind.

Lymphatic drainage

They are performed with gentle, slow and progressive mobilizations, and their function is to help mobilize the body fluids, eliminating waste substances that accumulate in the interstitial fluid.

Sobada Maya

Sobada maya is ideal for preconception, pregnancy and postpartum as well as multiple benefits in pelvic health.


Use essential oils or aromatic liquids from plants, barks, herbs and flowers which are rubbed into the skin.


Foot massage, especially in the arch area, helps combat stress and energy accumulation, according to Chinese medicine

Prenatal massage

Prenatal and postnatal massages through various techniques seek in general terms to improve the well-being of the one who will be or has just become a mother and her baby.

Bamboo massage

Known for its aesthetic results, such as reducing measurements, combating localized fat and cellulite, muscle relaxation and stress relief.

Hot stones

It is a technique that is performed with hot and cold stones moving through the muscles of the body, which produces physiological and organic reactions at a very beneficial and pleasant level.


Set of elements or means that are used to improve the care of the skin of the face.


It helps to eliminate excess oil on the skin, which could be the cause of acne, in addition to removing dead cells, something like a very superficial natural peeling.

Mud massage

For couples

Excellent method to relieve pain, tension and physical and mental stress, due to its texture and the temperature at which it is applied. It is also beneficial for treating insomnia, anxiety, and distress.

Body treatments

They are based on the movement of one or more parts of the body or on a physical training system, trying to work, stimulate and improve, among others, dynamism, muscular strength.


It consists of placing natural magnets of positive and negative charges on the body in order to level the pH, so that the human organism recovers its homeostasis (body self-regulation to achieve health).

Panic Healing

It is a technique of cleansing and energizing the physical body, which accelerates its degree of self-recovery. In addition, through the use of pranic psychotherapy, it also contributes to the healing of the psyche.